Myricom provides extreme-performance 10-Gigabit Ethernet products through a combination of its popular and versatile network adapters (Network Interface Cards) and specialized software, all backed by its unmatched customer-support team. Myricom's Myri-10G family of network adapters allows stellar performance as a standard 10-Gigabit Ethernet network adapter, as well as for applications such as line-rate packet capture, ultra-low-latency IP performance, video-streaming, and IPTV offload.
The custom silicon and firmware within each Myri-10G network adapter allows Myricom to meet the needs of a diverse and demanding customer base, and to adapt quickly as market needs change. Many application-targeted acceleration packages are available including DBL™ (financial trading), Sniffer10G™ (packet capture), Video Pump™ (video streaming and IPTV), and MX-10G™ (high-performance computing). Each package includes the firmware, drivers, libraries, and usage examples needed to produce benefits immediately at the application level.
With its fourth generation of networking products, Myri-10G, Myricom achieved convergence between mainstream 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and HPC technology - 10Gigabit Ethernet with a supercomputing heritage. Myri-10G delivers wire-speed UDP and TCP/IP throughput, with optional firmware-accelerated offloads for financial trading, packet capture, video streaming and IPTV, HPC, and for other performance-sensitive vertical markets.

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